Friday, August 28, 2009

2009 Temporary Property Tax Bills Have Been Mailed

Gwinnett County Tax Commissioner Katherine Meyer announced that property tax bills for 2009 have been mailed. Payment installment dates are October 15 and November 15.

These are temporary bills. The temporary tax bills were required because a final millage rate had not been set by the County Board of Commissioners. Property owners must pay their temporary tax bills in full by November 15 to avoid interest and penalty charges. Once the final millage rate has been set, a re-billing may occur. Any difference in the temporary and the final millage rate may result in additional charges or refunds to property owners.

Homeowners across Georgia may see in an increase in their 2009 tax bills unrelated to the County millage rate. Since 1999, the Georgia General Assembly and the Governor have provided a credit on property tax bills called the Homeowners Tax Relief Grant (HTRG). In recent years, that credit resulted in an $84 - $272 reduction to your property tax bill. Due to financial strains on the state budget, the Georgia General Assembly and the Governor did not fund this credit for 2009 property tax bills. While the HTRG credit may some day be reinstated by the General Assembly, it is not expected to be considered again until state revenues increase significantly. As a result, your tax bill may increase accordingly.

You can determine the exact amount you saved in 2008 by locating the 'Tax Relief Credit' amount displayed on your 2008 tax bill. If your taxes are paid from an escrow account through your mortgage lender, you may want to notify them so the escrow payment amount can be adjusted.
In some cases, the fair market value of your property may have changed which impacted your assessment and the amount you owe.

“At a time when everyone is carefully watching their spending, an increase in property taxes is not good news,” said Katherine Meyer, Gwinnett Tax Commissioner. “Since much of that increase is coming from an action that was taken at the state level, not the county, we want people to have the facts.”

For more information on the 2009 temporary tax bills and the HTRG credit, visit the Tax Commissioner’s website at Follow the link to the Property Tax page.
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