Tuesday, July 21, 2009

County Gets Fuel Savings

The advantages of a new fuel purchasing co-op became apparent Tuesday when the Gwinnett Board of Commissioners approved a one-year, $14-million contract for gasoline and diesel fuel that is expected to save Gwinnett County about $65,000 per year. The County announced in April that it was forming the co-op with 15 other local government agencies to use their combined purchasing power to get reduced rates.

The primary supplier, based on competitive bids, is Mansfield Oil Company of Gainesville. Secondary and tertiary suppliers are D-Jay Petroleum, Inc., and Indigo Energy Partners, respectively. The fuel will be used by cars, trucks, school buses and other government vehicles.

Last year, Gwinnett County bought two million gallons of gasoline and four million gallons of diesel fuel at a cost of $18 million, according to Fleet Management Director Michael Lindsay. The added benefit of improved communication among the 16 agencies is likely to lead to additional cooperation and cost savings, Lindsay said.

Gwinnett Purchasing Director Scott Callan said the agencies combined will save around $450,000 annually. Participants include seven counties, five cities and four of the largest county school systems in the metro Atlanta area.
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