Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gwinett to Undertake Solid Waste Study

What to do about solid waste collection and disposal was back on the Gwinnett County commission’s agenda again on Tuesday.

Commissioners officially extended the current system by renewing the residential and commercial solid-waste collection agreements with all 22 current haulers from May 1 through Dec. 31.

Meanwhile, there will be a new, six-month study of the issues that have tied up in court a proposed new system that was to have taken effect in January. The highest-scoring of three responders to the County’s request for proposals, R.W. Beck, Inc., whose Atlanta office is located at Colony Square, was awarded a contract in the amount of $131,467. They will study the history and current status of solid waste collection in Gwinnett, benchmark the County against its peers and analyze the business issues and possible options before seeking public input to help develop a new plan.

R.W. Beck, Inc. is an engineering-based management consulting company founded in Nebraska in 1942. It is now headquartered in Seattle with 24 regional offices. The firm has dealt with solid-waste management since the 1970s.
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